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DROP Sprockets and Daybreak Club Transform Art Gibbon Park

Nestled within our community, Art Gibbon Park has long been a source of recreation for all ages. Anders Malpass, the local founder of DROP Sprockets, North America’s largest made-to-order sprocket manufacturing company with operations in the Nelson area, has partnered with his former high school teacher, Dave Simpson, and the Daybreak Club to provide signage. Throughout his teaching career, Dave Simpson recognized that not all students learned through traditional teaching methods. His acknowledgment of aptitude and willingness to foster the growth of a young student in technology was a contributing factor to the start of DROP Sprockets. Together with the Rotary Club of Nelson, Dave continues to contribute to the creation of safe spaces within the community, particularly for youth, and DROP takes pride in paying it forward by partnering with them on this project.

This collaboration between DROP Sprockets and the Rotary Club, whose emblem represents close to a sprocket, resulted in a series of custom designed & manufactured plaques for Art Gibbon Park. These plaques serve as a testament to the community’s shared dedication and DROP’s commitment to providing youth access to recreation and healthy community. They convey a message of unity and resilience. Art Gibbon Park is a cherished community space and DROP Sprockets has demonstrated its support by generously donating to the Daybreak Club to preserve their impactful work in our community.

DROP Sprockets’ charitable contribution demonstrates their commitment to safeguarding the park's beauty and honoring local initiatives. It reflects their belief that the park as safe, comfortable, and inspired. This act of charity sets a shining example of how local businesses and community organizations can protect and improve the shared spaces that define our community's character.


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