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Anders Malpass 

The progressive founder and CEO of the DROP Group has a solid background in Mechanical Manufacturing, Engineering, Business, and became an entrepreneur at a very early age.


The beginning of the DROP Group of companies dates back to the 90's  when Anders started to develop industrial components which lead him toward his passionate vision for Drop. Throughout the years it has grown steadily into the present with Drop's 35,000 square-foot fully integrated manufacturing facility which is home to Drop Sprockets, Manufacturing, Marine and Creative.

Anders' passion for products and manufacturing started in his early years, working with Ford, General Motors, Timken, and others. This early experience guided his creativity and passion for engineering and manufacturing through a systems approach. On his off days, you can find Anders continuing to improve products and processes form mechanical components, systems, automation controls and product segments. His ideas always drive back to simplicity, standardization, and sustainability.

"Without the support of enthusiasts and patrons like you and the Drop Team, such extreme expressions in design, function, quality and delivery would never have been possible. Thank you for your support."

- Anders Malpass


We attribute our success to our people, their commitment, and the work culture. Our team is made up of experts across multiple disciplines, who bring in different and unique perspectives, abundant creativity and innovation. DROP strives to create and encourage a hard-working yet fun-loving environment, that truly values the contributions of each member. 

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